Welcome to Love Life Breath It In
I believe that the foundation of our lives, and all experiences begin with our Breath.  Our breath fuels us, energizes us, opens us up to new possibilities, and makes us strong and confident.  By building up our foundation first, reconnecting with ourselves and our desires, we can accomplish anything!

Hi, My name is Sarah, and I am blessed to get to work with amazing women who are ready to Fully step into their lives, who feel their SOUL calling, their spirit reaching for more, those who are ready for all of their wildest dreams to come true- and more! Those looking to find new inspiration and creative fire, to have more fun and energy day in and day out, and enjoy their life NOW.
I love working in a unique way encompassing all of my roots to help you uncover yours.  Honoring the full you, mind ~ body ~ and soul.
There is something magical when you begin reconnecting with your natural roots, & honoring your intuition.  Add to that honest and heartfelt advice, proven tips and techniques, and a supportive community there is no doubt that you will unearth and begin living your deepest desires!
  It is my goal to help you remember who you truly are, to unearth the parts of you you may have buried years ago, to help you reconnect with your soul desires, and become the best most authentic version of you- who you were always meant to be!
 Have I peaked your interest? I hope so, and I can’t wait to connect with you and see your journey unfold firsthand- you are meant for greatness! Here is to loving life and breathing
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 ~ Sarah


What does it mean to Love Life Breathe It In? 
When I was planning my wedding several years ago, I got some of the BEST advice I have ever gotten.  I was told to take a deep breath before all the “BIG” moments on the day.  (Before getting into my dress, before seeing my dad for the 1st time, before walking down the isle, saying my vows, 1st dance, etc.)  They explained that all too often the day is just a blur to the bride and groom as there is SO.MUCH.GOING.ON.  By slowing yourself down, and taking a deep breath, you bring yourself back to the present moment, clear your mind of the clutter, and allow yourself to really take it all in (and remember it later!)  Their advice was MAGIC!  As a yoga instructor I had studied the breath, used it in my life and my practice for years, but this was JUST the reminder I needed, and I have been so grateful for this advice ever since- taking it, expanding on it, and now sharing it with as many people as I can, so you too can remember those “big” moments, as well as all the other amazing moments in you life day in and day out.
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